For over 35 years we have been manufacturing flat
glass cutting machines and systems.

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Who we are

GFP Meccanica is a manufacturer of the glass processing machineries and systems since 1979.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce advanced technology glass processing machines combining high performance and ease to use so as to provide our customers with highly reliable equipment.

What we manufacture

Automatic tables for float glass straight and shaped cutting.
Automatic laminated glass cutting tables.
Automatic glass seaming machines.
Customized glass cutting systems and lines.
Glass sheet loading, handling and breaking tables.

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We ensure our customers direct and fast remote assistance via Internet

Our history

GFP Meccanica was founded in 1979.
Until 1999, we designed, produced and installed hundreds of machines exclusively for a major trading partner enterprise.

Since 2000, we entered directly the market producing and trading completely new machines’ line, the result of extensive experience in the field of glass cutting tables.

Our customers geography

We provide our customers with immediate and effective support no matter where they are located. We are proud to supply our machineries all over the world: Italy, France, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Rumania, Albania, Germania, Austria, Denmark, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland, , Australia, Canada, United States, , United Arab Emirates, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Peru, island Reunion, New Caledonia, Malta.


In our plant, Schio (Vicenza), we entirely perform all stages of the production: design, manufacturing, customer service, marketing and trading, administration.

Use of the most advanced technologies, constant and punctilious research for new solutions, quality and accuracy put in all processes assure our customers high reliability and lifetime of our machines.
The full range of our products meets the needs of small, medium and large companies.
Technical competence, rapidity of the custom service department, tendency to find always customized solutions are our strong advantages forever.

Thanks to various models and versatility of the production, we are always able to offer customized solutions.