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  • Vertical automatic machine for arrissing glass sheet
SF series Features SFV 2500
Automatic machine does not require any adjustments of the glass thickness and dimensions.
Seaming machine can be combined in any double glazing production line or stand alone.
The machine consists of inlet rack, central seaming unit, glass outlet rack.
Racks length can be standard or it can be modified upon customer’s request.
Seaming machine is adapted to any type of glass, particularly to Low E glass.
Simultaneous seaming of both edges of each side.
There are 3 vertical mobile grinding units and 1 central fixed grinding unit, in all 8 seaming tools.
Motion axes are controlled by numeric control.
Powerful aspiration/depuration system for processing dust.
Lamellar type grinding wheels are specific for glass.
Dry processing that allow to postpone immediate glass washing.
Float glass tempering guarantee.
Completely automatic function.
General electric panel at the rear of the machine.
Control panel with touch screen to operate working cycles.
Safety devices comply with EC Directory.

√  Present

SFV 2500
Max operating dimension H mm 2600
Min operating dimensions mm 240x450
Operating thickness mm 4÷22
Operating speed m/min 25
Seaming time of 1m² sec 25

SFV 2500 series

SFV automatic vertical glass seaming machine was sprung up from our customer’s need to add glass seaming operation into existed double glazing production line.

SVF, the unique solution, allows to execute high quality rough glass edge arrissing. The glass sheets are loaded onto the inlet rack as normally one do on the double glazing line.

GFP vertical glass arrissing machine offers perfect solution for those who want to add one more glass processing operation without increasing production time.

SFV provides dry edge processing with simultaneous glass dust aspiration by a powerful aspiration-filtration self-cleaning system. In contrast to the water seaming machines, there is no sludge to be disposed.

Why using SFV seaming machine :

Facilitate glass handling ensuring safety to the operators.

Seamed glass allows safety transportation, to set glass in windows and showcases preserving of breakage and simplifying their installation.

Seamed glass provides preserving rollers and brushes of a double-pane windows line from wear.

In laminating ovens with E.V.A., the rubber bags are protected against cutting thanks to using seamed glass sheets.

It assures float glass tempering.

SFV series features

Meets safety regulations INAIL(National Insurance Institute of Occupational Accidents).

Designed for all glass types including Low-E.

Vertical seaming machine can be used stand-alone or integrated in any existing double-glazing production line.

Seaming machine SFV requires no specific maintenance.

Seaming machine is completely automatic, so no adjustments regarding to glass sheet thickness or dimensions required.

After seaming, no need to wash immediately glass sheets and they can be placed in a stock.

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